HKADC at BU’s AVA with John Aiken about “Center for Research & Development”

HKADC at BU’s AVA with John Aiken about “Center for Research & Development” on Sept 3, 2013 at the launching ceremony of this center.
In this interview, besides introducing the background and visions of this research center, HKADC also asks Professor Aiken about his viewpoints of
1. the writing of Hong Kong art history, and
2. the complaints about HK university funding usually is more pro-“international,” but in lack of support of “local” thesis.

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The warrior of the arts talks strategy

John Aiken took over the job as director of Baptist University’s Academy of Visual Arts just as the ground was almost taken from under it

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Morning Brew

After 10.30 we meet the Profs again. Professor John Aiken is the new Director of the Academy of Visual Arts at HKBU. A relative newcomer to Hong Kong, he was the Slade Chair of Fine Art and Director of the Slade School of Fine Art at University College London, prior to joining HKBU. It no longer seems to be frowned upon to study arts in Hong Kong, a massive change since the 90s. We’ll find out what the Prof thinks about his new home.
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By Susan Collins, on 25 February 2011

In February 2011 Slade Professor John Aiken came to Dhaka and delivered lectures and directed a workshop on sculpture specifically on the relationship of form and space. It was attempted to accommodate students from all the departments of the Fine Art Faculty to further the goal of interdisciplinary exchange.
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